Join An Alliance That Buys & Sells Companies For A Living


Joint Venturing With Us

Work with our team and apply winning strategies to buy your first company in 6 months or less. 75%+ of acquisitions are done using none of your own money


You are guided, educated, and mentored by a highly driven team of experts who work with you to find, buy, and sell businesses. We teach you how to tap into the Unpublished Acquisition Network to take over companies that aren’t for sale. This is an experiential program where you become part of the team buying and selling companies for a living. You learn the secrets behind “No Money” transactions and do deals alongside seasoned professionals, even if you’re only doing it part-time.

On The Path To Financial Freedom, Take The Elevator, Not The StairS


Zero Debt

Straddled with a house note, car note, credit card debt, loans, or other forms of debt? We invite you to be “allergic to debt.” The freedom you will feel with absolutely zero debt will be exceptional – we can get you there.

Zero Liabilities

What is freedom? Not having any liabilities holding you back. Is it possible to be in a business that doesn’t tie you up and monopolize your life for 40 – 60 hours a week? Absolutely.

Seven Figures

Simply put, we specialize in creating millionaires through our proprietary strategies and techniques. Only a select few are chosen for the Spartans Alliance, but for those that join – getting to 7 figures is the logical outcome of this path.


Join a powerful group of Merger & Acquisition experts who will work side-by-side with you to achieve your goals for a 007 lifestyle. Our model is designed to create exceptional wealth for dedicated individuals with aggressive goals. We make our money by taking control of companies and selling them for a premium. This can be done without using any of your own money.

Dreamers Ask,”What If?” Millionaires Take Action Immediately

Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, business owner, or a driven individual stuck in an unfulfilling day job, while following the Spartans Alliance program, you will learn acquisition strategies known only to a limited number of individuals.
Most of our program participants started down this path with a 40-hour a week job. These proven strategies have been developed and honed by entrepreneurial savants.
Having grown companies from zero to $10M, from $8M to $75M+, and $22M to $115M+, and having conducted over $500M in transactions – the people behind the Spartans Alliance have created a tsunami of successes. Now is your chance to get involved.

This is the Big League
“Guaranteed – You Will Acquire Your First Company in Six Months”


An Experiential Way Of Life

Imagine the equivalent of an MBA course dedicated to teaching an Average Joe how to buy & sell companies. More than a coaching program, the experts work side-by-side with you on every deal to get it over the finish line.

You Cannot Do This Alone

This is an opportunity that can be mined only through the education and community experienced through an alliance. Learn our secrets and find out how we turn entrepreneurs into millionaires.

Business Or Real Estate Sales

88% of all new wealth is created through the sale Of businesses or real estate.This is the fastest path to financial victory. Buying businesses without personal capital is a daily exercise for Spartans Alliance. If you are motivated and intelligent you will do well in the program. You do not need any prior experience with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to be successful in the Alliance. If you do not have these skills and strategies, they are available to you through Spartans Alliance.

Building Your Own Portfolio

In less than 6 months you will be harvesting companies & building your own portfolio.We will show you how to do this step-by-step over a period of time that’s as aggressive as you can handle. We will work alongside you to negotiate the deals, to close with confidence, and to achieve a success rate that is many times higher than most M&A firms. In the end, we will help you exit the portfolio and make you millions of dollars in the process.


Turn Dreams Into Reality Through Action

We will teach you how to start from nothing and build an empire, but you must take that first step. You must bring your tenacity and work ethic to a community that can get you there. The Alliance will surround you with resources and successful people that will get you to that seven-figure level. We dare you to reach out and let us show you how.