Testimonials from our Equity PartnerS

Michael P. in the United States

An Experiential Way Of Life

Bart, I am a learning machine and I hope once I prove myself that you take me under your wing and teach me ninja shit. Let me know if you can send me where you get your valuations on the industries and I can help research or how else I can help.

Steve H. in England

Amazing Program

You’ve made this program amazing and done so much. You don’t realise the stories you tell me stick. It’s what inspires me!

Steve H. in England

I Think We’re The Answer To His Problems

I think we’re the answer to his problems (not sure if he will like our answer though). If he is real then this could be a big grouping of companies. I know that’s a big statement without detail but on the face of it, it seems like a good prospect… if I’m right then you (and me) will be all over it:)!

David W. in the United States

I Was Finally Able To Watch The KT Session

I was finally able to watch the KT session on August 8th which was about disruptive entrepreneurship. The zoom link was great because it had a speed control setting. I played the session between 1.5x – 2.0x normal speed. Watch[ing] you describe Amazon Prime Day at 2x speed. You are a man possessed.

David W. in the United States

What Would Bart Do

Yesterday I was preparing my talking notes for the letters I sent last week. I keep finding work to do instead of making a call. So I asked myself “What Would Bart Do” (WWBD)? He would make the F’ing call!!! So I put on my big boy shorts and made the call.

Brett P. in the United States

You Should Check Out The Audio Training

You should check out the audio training because Bart worked some kind of magic where he told the prospect what to say and they said it like it was their idea…

Andre M. in Canada

It Is Absolutely Doable And I Have No Doubt About It

My confidence in achieving over $1,000,000 in wealth and income in the next 18 – 24 months is 100%. It is absolutely doable and I have no doubt about it.

Khalid S. in Germany

As Long As I Keep Going

As long as I keep going I am confident that deals will come that eventually will be a good fit. I learn a lot from you Bart and not just from the mechanics but also the mental attitudes.