Deal Support


We guarantee by joining our program you will buy a business within 6 months on your path to financial freedom. 75%+ of acquisitions are done using none of your own money.

This isn’t the type of program where you sign-up, get some training, and don’t get any support. This is a full-on, in-your-face experiential journey where you’re working directly with a dealmaker as your partner on an acquisition. Our experts work side-by-side with you, in real-time, to get your deals over the finish line. The first 4 – 6 you will do with an expert to make sure the negotiations go in your favor, the terms are ideal for the transaction, and the contracts are executed with full protection. Over time, you will do deals on your own and may even become one of our experts for others. But it’s very important that you have a mentor by your side throughout the process. That’s the only way we can guarantee you’ll get your first deal done in less than 6 months from the time you start.

You will have office and cell phone numbers for the mentors you work with on deals. You will meet with them in person for group sessions and they will be present to negotiate and close the transactions.You will be given hundreds of contracts, processes, and software tools to assist in your deal making efforts.None of your own capital is required for our program to work. How we do that is part of the “secret sauce” within the Spartans Alliance. You can choose to invest your own capital, of course, but that’s not required to achieve success. In fact, we even have programs where we can plug you directly into deals to simply negotiate a transaction we’ve already sourced.

This program has been very successful. We have dozens of participants that have joined our venture and are on the path to the 007 lifestyle. And we guarantee you’ll get a deal done in less than 6 months.