Millionaire Path

90% Of All New Wealth Comes From The Sale Of A Small Business OR REal State

Money is one of the best tools available for us to do good in the world. In fact, it enhances our ability to change our destiny, help those around us, and make magical things happen for our loved ones. If you’ve found this site chances are you’re looking for a way to enhance your own life through financial abundance


Executive Path

On this road you work your way into an executive role and maximize your salary. You then make a lot of money over a long time, saving it as you go, and wind up with a decent retirement nest egg. This is a safe path but it takes a long time.

Entrepreneur Path

With this path you create a company, grow it, and sell it for a multi-million dollar figure. This is a great path to pursue, but the problem is that it requires the most amount of work and the most amount of luck. Multi-millionaires that built a company from scratch are out there, but there are far more entrepreneurs with companies in the graveyard. It’s a very lucrative path but you have to be dedicated and lucky.

Acquisition Path

On this path you let someone else do the hard work and get lucky – you then take control of their company. Once that happens you address any outstanding problems with the company and turn it around to sell it. You make money while you own it and you net a large payout when you sell it. On the path to success this is the way you take the elevator rather than the stairs.

In choosing your path to become a millionaire you have some decisions to make. How much risk are you prepared to take and how quickly? Do you have a full-time job and are looking for a way out that’s part-time? Are you dabbling in your own business? When do you think you’re ready to take the plunge and dive into your business full-time? Everyone worth their salt talks about an exit strategy, but if you have a full-time job you need an ENTRANCE strategy. What will it take for you to dive in 100% and make your path to $1M a full-time gig? We need to set parameters and numbers and then aggressively work towards taking that plunge.

Do what others won’t to have what others don’t

Is it easier to work your entire life and retire with only enough to scrape by or go big right now and have freedom and choices no one else has? You’re going to do the work one way or the other. So you may as well get started.

Major athletes that train remember the gold medal and the feeling of victory when the race is over, not the thousands of hours that went into preparing for that victory. Do not let the fear of failure or hard work stop you.