Program Structure


Deal Flow, Structure, & Negotiation
Driving Deal Flow – Proprietary Techniques #1 and #2
Meeting Framework and prospect engagement
The Unpublished Acquisition Network
Driving Deal Flow – Proprietary Technique #3
Deal Framework – No Money deals and Financial deals
Deal Structure
Negotiating the Deal – Part 1
Qualifying Acquisition Candidates
Negotiating the Deal – Part 2
Tools & Resources
Negotiation Role Playing
ValuationX tool - automatically determine company valuation
Specialty Deal Structures
Virtual Mergers
Accelerated IPO
Instant Financial Savings program
Corporate Tax Strategies
o Corporate Structure
o Stock vs Assets Sale
o Retain Cash for Liabilities
o Personal Goodwill
o Ordinary Income vs Capital Gains
o Installment Sales
o Tax-free Reorganizations
o Self-Directed IRA
Closing the Deal
Offerings & Acquisition Acceleration
The Letter of Intent (LOI) Accelerator
Due Diligence (DD)
Extended Due Diligence
Using ValuationX to strongarm the ideal price
Contract clauses & strategies
Deal Surgery & avoiding Deal Death
Case Studies - Walk through of finding deals, negotiating the price, exit strategy
Financial Materials
Conduct financial due diligence like a pro
o Financial Analysis
o Financial statements
o P&L
o Balance Sheet
o Cashflow statement
o Other due diligence materials
Pulling money from a Portfolio - how to ensure you get money out of your portfolio (one-time, recurring, or both)
Post-Deal Materials – Operational Strategies
Post deal DD
Introducing the new owner to the team
Interviewing the team
Systems and process for success (systemization)
Financial re-engineering strategies
Creating your Dream Team
Cashflow Management as a Turnaround Strategy
Achieving Explosive Growth & the Speed Run
Exit planning
The Exit Process – Selling the Company
Wealth Generation Materials – Bonus Content
Wealth Mindset - The Anatomy of a Millionaire
Wealth Preservation & Growth Strategies
o Put your money to work
o Create massive generational wealth

Included for all participants

Software and Tools
ValuationX Calculator - automated software to instantly determine the valuation of a company
LOI Accelerator
Automation tools for campaigns (how to make money while you sleep)
E-mail list resources (done-for-you strategies)
Legal Contracts & Agreements
Legal contracts and agreements
o MOU templates, Purchase Sale agreements, Stock transfer agreements
o Over 200 contracts & documents to get a deal done
o Save tens of thousands of dollars on legal expenses
Campaign Materials
LinkedIn script templates
E-mail script templates
Letter campaign script templates
Your own e-mail, website, and business cards
Case studies on previous transactions for credibility
Testimonials on previous transactions for credibility
Company Support
Licensed M&A firm - for legal protection as you buy & sell companies
Turnaround firm - for turning around distressed companies
IPO firm - for taking a company public
Private Equity - for raising capital to take over companies
Team Support
Dedicated call & negotiation support for your deals
Dedicated support team to set up your campaigns
Legal support to work through contracts & closing deals
Marketing, sales, and growth experts to turn around a company
Commercial real estate agents & brokers for land deals
Audio training files and video training to practice negotiations

We guarantee you’ll complete your first deal within 6 months. If you don’t source one on your own we’ll give you one of ours. Either way, this program guarantees you’ll take down a deal during the course of the program.